July 9, 2011

At long last I have gathered some new things to update the design section of this site. A few of the older images have been removed to keep it up to date with my skills. Check out the design page for the new stuff! Also remember that I an generally available for any work you might need done. Need your own baby shower/bridale shower/event invitations? Let me know! I can also do small runs of t-shirts and any vinyl you might need.

There are also two new sketches on the Fine Art page!

April 2, 2011

Whew! It's been a while, that's for sure! A few things have happened since last July, the most unfortunate of which being I had to put my beloved 14 year old German Shepherd, Ende, to rest. The upside being that she's no longer in pain, and she went peacefully, with her head in my lap, under a shade tree with the sun shining bright and a light breeze blowing.
That depressing moment revealed and put aside there's plenty going on around here. I just completed a set of vinyl graphics for someone's micro sprint race car and have begun mastering the art of the six needle embroidery machine in the sewing room. I am currently putting designs on collars (for dogs, cats, and you, I suppose, if you wanted to wear them) and the results can be found in my Etsy Shop. I'm open to requests, if anyone has them.
I have some updates that I need to make to the Design section of the page and the Store really needs to be finished. Also keep an eye on Twitter, most especially on the weekends. You just never know when I might up and offer a free sketch!

July 15, 2010

New piece of artwork!

Prints and the original piece are for sale. Just follow the link! In addition to finally breaking an art block, we're taking our little vinyl decal and t-shirt gig to the local county fair next month. If you're local and visiting this website to see what we're about, be sure to check us out in our booth there.